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“Is That All There Is?"

It starts out with that feeling in your gut, as singer Peggy Lee put it, “Is That All There

Is”, there has to be more to life. The gut feeling that you have more to do with your life,

that you have much more to offer. It is there within you waiting patiently to be

acknowledged. It may have been there for years but you have ignored it but then you

have that moment when your mind realizes what your gut has been trying to tell you.

This is your “epiphany” so to speak.

The legend goes that Sir Issac Newton was sitting beneath the tree when an apple fell

and struck him on the head, sparking the a-ha moment and discovery of gravity. That was his “moment”, his “epiphany”. Newton took his “moment” and shared it with the world.

Once your mind has realized what the gut has been trying to tell you it is time for your

heart, your soul, to take over and find your new “self”. The time has come to reinvent

yourself or at least refurbish/remodel yourself. It is time to move forward with your new

life. To some it may be a new career, going back to school, others simply writing down

their thoughts or renewing their faith, maybe offering their time and treasure to a worthy

cause. It may be as simple as expanding your horizons with new hobbies and new

interests. If you were never a reader, start reading, join a book club or start going to the

theater and concerts. These things will change and enhance your life, introducing you to

new experiences and new friends.

Finding yourself, finding that there is more to life is a three step process. First is that gut

feeling and then your mind understanding that feeling. Then you must open your heart,

your soul and allow God to lead you on your new life journey. It won't be easy to make

the changes but it will be well worth it. Listen to your soul, listen to Him he will lead the


Peggy Lee:

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