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I Believe in Santa Claus

Yes, I believe in Santa Claus. Why? Because I believe in God and He gave us Santa Claus to help celebrate the birth of his Son, our Savior. So, if you don't believe in Santa, you must not believe in God. We believe in God because of the wonders of our world and the universe. The sun, moon and the stars above us, the mountains, forests and wonders of nature around us, and he gave us the joy of Christmas and the magic of Santa Claus.

Santa Claus is both illusion and magic: Illusion by the image of the 'jolly old elf” in his red suit, white beard and when he laughs his belly shakes like a bowl of jelly. Check Google and you will find thousands of pictures of Santa Claus again adding credence to the illusion.

Magic by delivering gifts and spreading joy around the world. It has been calculated that in order to visit the over 1.9 billion children around the world Santa would need to travel 3000 times the speed of sound while carrying 400,000 tons of presents. Well at one time we all thought sending pictures through the air (television), traveling to the moon, and cell phones were magic. I guess Santa's magic (technology) is just a little ahead of our time

While doing my research I ask Google Assistant was Santa Claus real. The response “I believe he's up to some pretty cool things up at the North Pole this year,” was the reply. More proof that he is real because Goggle has never lied to me.

So how can you not believe in Santa Claus when you see the smiles on the children faces as they open their gifts on Christmas morning and the joy on the faces of the grandparents watching. Yes, Santa is more than just illusion he is magic and I believe!!

Merry Christmas,


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