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Balloon In A Box 2
Ballon in a Box Cover 2.jpg

Grief over the death of a spouse, child or loved one leaves you broken and wounded. Your heart aches and you experience a wide variety of emotions This book is about how to handle these emotions.


Follow Tom through his journey of grief as he and others share their memories, good and bad. Their experiences will help you cope with your grief. Learn how to control the “balloon in your box” and move forward in life with your loved one not without them.


The book also contains some inspirational quotes from the bible and famous people. Even if you are not grieving you will find this book to be a thought provoking read.


This is an updated 2nd edition. New chapter and content.

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The Secret is in the Pasta
Secrets in the Pasta Cover 1.jpg

The latest release for Tom Rose. When a good friend's brother is murdered at the friend's restaurant private detective Tony Victor promises the family, he will find out who did it and why. In order to accomplish the task Tony must cooperate with his previous employer the Parsonsville Police Department where the relationship is not the best. Tony experiences difficulty staying focused on the case by the grief he continues to experience over the untimely death of his wife and the upcoming parole hearing for the man who caused her death. Further complicating matters are his sudden romantic feelings for his friend's sister. Tony is on an emotional roller-coaster and is involved in a murder case that first appears as a simple robbery but reaches far beyond Parsonsville and his friend's Italian restaurant. With many twists and turns, threats and intimidation, fear and anger, will it lead to the death of another member of the family?

Cooking Together Revisted Wire Bound Cover

Our latest book scheduled to be off the presses sometime in late August 2020. A collection of recipes and favorites we have cooked over the years. The book is memory of Joyce Rose, wife, mother, and friend. She passed August 5th, 2019.

A portion of the proceeds from sales of this book will be given to local breast cancer support groups. 

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