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 "Amazing. So helpful. He has covered everything. Can’t wait for a copy so I can refer to it frequently. I need to keep reminding myself of so many things he covers so well". -Elva Gable


“To know Tom and Joyce, the couple who cooked together on Fox television, was to know only part of what all they did together. I was a friend to them for over 20 years and often heard stories that dated much further back.  They were truly each other’s best friends, as well as being married to each other.  Men do not always express their feelings, or so it is often said, but Tom has truly put on paper—sharing his feelings for all of us—his deepest feelings of loss, a glimpse of the love that he shared for years with Joyce, and thus helping others to also put into words their grief and loss that may never have been expressed though deeply felt. I think too, this book could be a worthwhile read for a couple married five or ten years, to help them discover a deeper understanding of their union together.” -Father John Delaney


"In this book, my friend writes from his heart. He tells us about his grief and how he is controlling it. He shares his life and most intimate feelings. Excellent, I will be giving this book to all of my patients who have lost a spouse".  -Dr. T. J. Lewis


"In the few years of being around Tom & and Joyce, I learned some life-long lessons while enjoying great meals and conversations at their home. In this book, Tom compiled quotes and Scriptural references to grief. These along with Tom's journey have been an inspiration to me. I believe they just might be the “ingredients” you may need for your own 'recipe' in managing your grief". -Father Tony Steinacker


"My husband died June 24th, 2010, the day before my birthday. People didn't know whether they should send me a Sympathy card or a Birthday card and I never understood why until now. I found it strange, but just let it go. Now I know why. It is like Tom said in this book, People don't know what to say and are uncomfortable. Finally, at age 74 I now know what to say and do. Hug them, and tell them “I love you and I'm here if you need me.” Thank you, Tom for this caring and gentle book.” -Rebecca (Beckie) Mewes Tichenor

I thank you for gifting me with your latest book. Balloon in a Box. Who knew just a few hours later the horror that was going to happen in a Texas Elementary School and the loss of 22 lives? I immediately immersed myself in your brilliant book grabbed a box of Kleenex and never stopped reading till the end. Who knew a book about grief could be such a page-turner you couldn’t put down? I only wish the 22 families could have this wonderful book in their possession to refer to. Thanks for this treasure, Bobbie

I just finished reading your book and it's beautiful. I needed to keep wiping away the tears. What a wonderful book I loved it. Thanks for sharing your grief journey, Bert

I have not experienced what Tom has gone through, but once I began reading this book, I could not put it down.  I began reading around 3:00 pm on the 5th of June, 2022, and finished it by 10:00 pm with one break for dinner and a second one to watch a movie with my wife.

The book is amazing and, yes, on occasion brought tears to my eyes.  He explained things in a manner that I believe one having just lost a loved one, will grasp the true meaning of the many points Tom has sought to clarify. This book will make a great gift for someone about to or is facing grief and will allow them to cope if they follow the steps outlined.

Thank you, Tom, for sharing some intimate moments of your and Joyce's lives as they continue.- John Huber

Tom Rose's book "Balloon in a Box" is excellent! As a grieving widower, it helped me by getting his views on the death of a spouse & and continued emotions it is different!! He's right, "unless you have been there you do not truly understand " Thanks Tom, - Rocco A. Giglio

In dealing with the loss of his wife, Tom took to writing and we can all benefit from his insight. Balloon in a Box is filled with funny stories and raw emotion that are relatable and can be adapted to many different types of grief. As the program coordinator for a jail chemical addiction program (JCAP), I am always looking for content that is relevant and appropriate for our participants. After reading "Balloon in a Box" I knew

immediately I needed to ask Tom to come speak to the men in our program. Our participants found Tom's words and ideas valuable and helpful in overcoming the guilt that often comes with grief. Balloon in a Box is a must-read for those struggling with the loss of a loved one! - Courtney Jenkins-JCAP Coordinator Kosciusko County Jail


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